4 Iced Mushroom Coffee Recipes To Beat The Summer Heat

4 Iced Mushroom Coffee Recipes To Beat The Summer Heat

Cool down this summer with an iced mushroom coffee or a coconut and mushroom-infused smoothie! Each recipe is packed with at least 1000 mg of our signature blend of medicinal mushroom extracts for better focus so you can fuel your summer fun.

1. Thai Iced Coffee


Rich coconut cream and nutty almond extract give this recipe a unique, refreshing flavor that isn't available at most coffee shops. Plus, you'll get a double dose of neurotrophic mushroom extracts like Lion's Mane and Cordyceps for better focus.

RECIPE: Thai Iced Coffee

2. Birthday Cake Frappe


Make every day feel like your birthday with this birthday cake flavored frappe. Made with natural ingredients and powered by NeuRoast adaptogens, this frappe boasts the beloved flavors of birthday cake without the massive sugar spike.

RECIPE: Birthday Cake Frappe

3. Cinnamon Mocha Frappe


Why spend $5 on a sugar-filled frappe when you could make one at home for less than $1 using NeuRoast 3-in-1 instant coffee

RECIPE: Cinnamon Mocha Frappe

4. Coconut Mango Smoothie


Okay, okay - we know this technically isn't an iced coffee, but trust us, you definitely want to try this coconut mango smoothie recipe this summer. Using NeuRoast Supercream for a blast of nootropic mushroom extracts and creamy coconut milk without all of the sugar you'd get in a regular fruit smoothie, this recipe is a smarter way to beat the heat. 

A quick hack for an instant iced coffee: keep a single-serving packet or two of NeuRoast Instant Black on you while you travel to turn any ice water into an iced coffee in seconds!

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