Become A Taste Tester

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Become A Taste Tester

We have SO many ideas for new products to launch that it's actually pretty hard to figure out what we should launch first.

That's where you come in. 

We're going to send you amazing, VIP deals on new products so you can try them out before they launch. There's no obligation to participate unless you want to. 
Here's how it works:

1. Wait for the deal

New flavors, roasts, and brand new products. Supplies will be super limited, so first come, first serve!

2. Place your order

These are break-even deals, so you can try new products at the lowest possible price. We're not in it to make a buck, we just want to make the best superfood coffee products on the market. Not satisfied with your order? We offer a money-back guarantee.

3. Share your feedback

We'll follow up via email after you receive your order to get your feedback. 

4. Score some freebies!

One randomly selected winner will be chosen each week to receive free a product or two, no purchase necessary! 

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