Your Guide to Coffee Roasts

Not sure where you stand when it comes to selecting the perfect coffee roast for you? We're here to help. Consider this your one-stop guide to discovering your coffee soul mate.

The Unroasted Bean


Coffee beans are naturally green, grassy beans with a sour-bitter flavor. While green coffee products exist, you generally won't see green coffee on shelves or in most coffee shops. 

Light to Light-Medium Roast


Light roasts and light-medium roasts are more acidic and slightly sweet. Sand colored or lightly browned, they haven't been roasted long enough for the oils to rise to the surface and the aromatic "wake up and smell the coffee" smell isn't prevalent. 

Medium Roast


Medium roasts have a slightly nutty flavor and are bolder than light to light-medium roasts. At this level, the oils have started to rise to the surface of the bean and they'll have a slight sheen to them. Medium roasts are generally well-balanced in acidity, bitterness, and sweetness. Medium roasts make up the majority of American roasts. If you just need a little pep in your step, medium roasts will get the job done.  

Medium-Dark Roasts

In our opinion, this is where the magic starts. Bolder and more chocolatey in flavor, medium-dark roasts are less intense than French or Italian roasts but pack more of a punch than traditional American medium roasts.  If you want a more complex tasting, aromatic coffee but don't like your coffee too strong, you may find yourself in the medium-dark roasts. 

Dark Roasts


Popular in European countries like France, Italy, and Turkey, dark roast coffee is extra bold, a little bitter, and chocolatey. Coffee lovers generally love dark roasts because of their complexity and the heavier mouthfeel. Dark roasts and espressos are used for cappuccinos and lattes. Italian roasts are the darkest roasts and are usually consumed in the form of espresso or espresso drinks, while French roasts are slightly less dark and are delicious with just a splash of cream. 

NeuroRoast Classic is made with a custom blend of mostly dark roasted coffee beans and medium roast beans to create a balance of bold, complex flavors with the slightly nutty, cinnamon-like flavor of medium roasts. Not too strong, not too weak. That's smart. 

Experience The Process

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