5 Ways To Repurpose Coffee Grounds In Honor Of Earth Day

5 Ways To Repurpose Coffee Grounds In Honor Of Earth Day

Your coffee is secretly a jack of all trades. After you've perked up from your morning joe, try upcycling your coffee grounds with any or all of these five ways:


1. Make A Smarter Body Scrub

Mix your coffee grounds with coconut oil, sea salt, honey, and cinnamon to make an exfoliating and hydrating body scrub. A smarter body scrub if you will.

2. Homemade Electrified Fertilizer

Give your garden some extra pep. Rich in nitrogen, used coffee grounds are a sustainable way to bring your plants to life. Simply mix used NeuRoast coffee grounds with your potting or garden soil to provide your plants with nutrient-rich coffee grinds with mineral-dense mushroom extracts.

3. All-Natural Drain Cleaner

Mix your used coffee grounds with a cup or two of hot water and pour down the drain to slough off food particles stuck to your drain. Let the hot water run down your drain for an additional 15-20 seconds to make sure the coffee grinds rinse completely. 

4. Caffeinated Compost

Your compost never smelled so good. Mix your used coffee grounds in with a compost to create nutrient-rich, aromatic soil. 

5. Fridge Deodorizer 

You know the smell of dark chocolate and cinnamon when you open your bag of NeuRoast Classic? Imagine smelling that every time you open your fridge. Place your used coffee grounds in a small mason jar with the top off in the fridge to naturally absorb food odors. Consider the game changed.

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You can reach out to us any time at info@neuroast.com or on social media @NeuRoast to ask us about how NeuRoast strives to do right by the planet. After all, our products are made with 100% earth-grown ingredient. It's only fair. 

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