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Coffee is coffee is coffee, right? Not so much (if only it were that simple!)

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As we creep closer to the year mark of the pandemic, the novelty of working from the same place you live, sleep, eat, and, well, do pretty much everything is wearing off BIG time. And for some, the fatigue translates into decreased productivity. Fortunately, there are easy hacks to make your desk setup feel new, give your energy a reboot, and up your productivity during the workday.

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Taste test new flavors, roasts, and products like matcha and taro at deep discounts in exchange for your honest feedback. We're picking one randomly selected winner each week to receive a freebie, no purchase necessary!

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coconut, coconut milk, coffee creamer, creamer -

All-natural, shelf-stable, and super creamy, these plant-based powdered coffee creamers are great to have on-hand when you want to make your coffee, tea, or smoothies extra smooth and creamy. 

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A few easy-to-use gadgets, some high-quality coffee, and a comfy place to sit and sip is all you need to enjoy your favorite morning ritual. 

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