Jul 29, 2018

4 Must-Try Instant Coffee Nut Butter Recipes

Simply mix your favorite nut butter with a packet of our instant mushroom coffee mix, a few spices, and your favorite sweetener to make a gourmet functional nut butter! 

Jul 9, 2018

Mushroom Matcha Performance Latte

What do you get when you combine the focus-enhancing properties of our signature mushroom blend, fat-fueled coconut milk, and detoxifying green tea? An all natural performance-enhancing mushroom matcha latte!

May 14, 2018

Adaptogenic Mocha Paleo Donuts

Our instant coffees are hiding a delicious secret - they can be used for far more than just coffee. 

Feb 10, 2018

Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Coffee

Unlock the medicinal benefits of turmeric with this delicious turmeric mushroom coffee recipe.
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