5 Health Benefits of Mushroom Coffee

5 Health Benefits of Mushroom Coffee

New to mushroom coffee? Then, you're probably just learning about the tremendous health benefits some mushrooms have to offer. Not all mushroom coffee is created equal, though. Each mushroom in our signature mushroom blend contains unique beta-glucans associated with specific health benefits that improve energy, focus and overall wellness. Here's what you can expect by drinking NeuRoast mushroom coffee:


1. Better, longer lasting energy

One of the key ingredients in our signature mushroom blend is the Cordyceps mushroom, renowned for its endurance-enhancing potential. Cordyceps has grown popular among the sports nutrition world within the pre-workout market for this very reason. Combined with the caffeine from our high-quality coffee, you can expect a big energy boost that slowly fades out over the course of the day instead of a big crash.

2. Stronger focus

Do you find yourself reaching for cup after cup of coffee throughout the day just to get through your workload? We bet that one or at most two cups a day, depending on your caffeine tolerance, of NeuRoast coffee is all you'll need going forward. That's because we use organic Lion's Mane mushroom to help improve mental clarity and focus. There's a reason this mushroom is currently being studied for its role in helping Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease patients. 

3. Strengthened immune system

Chaga, a key ingredient in our mushroom blend, is among the most abundant sources of antioxidants on Earth with an ORAC score of 3.6 million! To put that in perspective, blueberries, often touted for their high antioxidant levels, have an ORAC score of 2,450. 

That's right, Chaga contains more than 1000x the amount of antioxidants than blueberries and you get a potent dose of Chaga in every cup. 

4. Decreased anxiety

Often used at night to promote relaxation and calm, Reishi mushroom is used in our mushroom blend to offset the jitters and anxiety generally associated with caffeine. This means you can enjoy calm, controlled focus all day long without the uncomfortable side effects of regular coffee.

5. Improved gut health

Over 60 million people in the United States alone suffer from digestive disorders. Lucky for them, Turkey-Tail Mushrooms contain prebiotic polysaccharides called  polysaccharopeptide (PSP) which helps encourage good bacteria growth in the gut. Considering your gut plays a key role in managing hormones in the brain, like serotonin, improving your gut health with Turkey-Tail Mushrooms can lead to a better mood as well as decreasing damaging inflammation in the gut. Our mushroom blend packs a powerful dose of Turkey-Tail Mushrooms in every serving to help you improve your gut health!

Enjoy all of the health benefits of mushroom coffee at once with any of our products!

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  • Sounds too good to be true! I’m hope I get the opportunity to try it. Tried swapping to shakes to kick coffee, needless to say, this was exciting to read.

    Jearnine molina
  • I am so excited to test this Mushroom Coffee. At 59 seeing and feeling the affects mental clarity.
    And not having any energy to do stuff. And the exciting
    health benefits. I most definitely am a candidate for testing this coffee. And being close to retirement I can show all my family, friends on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and other sites. How much this helps the older generation they will flip for this Mushroom Coffee. Thank you for the opportunity to test this product.

    Donna Huggins
  • I would love to try this mushroom coffee! Is it possible to receive a sample first? If so, after trying the sample, & it’s delicious with the amazing benefits, I will be happy & excited to purchase immediately! Just need to try it first, please! Thanks so much

    Whitney Faith Ritz

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