Four Must-Try Plant-Based Powdered Coffee Creamers

Four Must-Try Plant-Based Powdered Coffee Creamers

Since we've temporarily discontinued our coffee creamer line in order to make some improvements and revamp it in the future, we decided to put together a list of our favorite plant-based coffee creamers for you. All-natural, shelf-stable, and super creamy, these plant-based powdered coffee creamers are great to have on-hand when you want to make your coffee, tea, or smoothies extra smooth and creamy. 

Anthony's Organic Coconut Milk

First on our list is Anthony's Organic Coconut Milk. Simple, delicious, and super creamy, this plant-powdered coffee creamer alternative costs under $15 per pound. It's packed with potassium, iron, and healthy, satiating fats.

Wildly Organic Coconut Milk

Similar to Anthony's Organic Coconut Milk powder, Wildly Organic Coconut Milk powder is rich and creamy, and contains few ingredients (dehydrated coconut milk, maltodextrin from tapioca, and organic acacia fiber). 

At just under $20 per pound, Wildly Organic Coconut Milk is a delicious, cost-efficient way to liven up your coffee, tea, or smoothies. 


PRYMAL Coffee Creamer

PRYMAL caught our eye a year or two ago and has done nothing but improve since. If you're looking for powdered coffee creamers with delicious flavors like Butter Pecan and Caramel, this might be it for you. Unlike the options above, PRYMAL is not vegan or entirely organic, but it is keto approved and made with brain-boosting MCT oil, creamy coconut milk, and natural flavors. 

An 11-ounce bag costs about $25 and contains 30 servings. 


Laird Superfood Creamer

Finally, we have Laird Superfood Creamer. Laird Superfood set the bar high for superfood-enhanced coffee creamers years ago and offers a few different options including a turmeric-infused coffee creamer. What makes Laird Superfood coffee creamers different from the rest? Their creamers are sweetened with organic coconut nectar and enhanced with Aquamin™️, a nutrient-dense ingredient derived from sea algae. 

Try these creamers out and let us know which one you think is the best. While we do plan on bringing our coffee creamers back, we know it will be a while, so we hope at least one of these creamers brings you the same satisfaction in the meantime!


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