Why You Should Put Cinnamon In Coffee

Why You Should Put Cinnamon In Coffee

So, we already sold you on the benefits of switching from regular coffee to mushroom coffee. Now, learn why we advocate putting cinnamon in coffee.


While mushrooms contain potent compounds called beta-glucans and triterpenes, spices add a punch of fragrance and possess unique health benefits of their own. We already add a touch of cinnamon to our Classic Roast for reasons you'll learn about soon, but also consider adding a sprinkle of these spices to your daily brew.

Spices To Try

  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Ginger
  • Cocoa

Add a sprinkle of one or more of these spices to your coffee by either mixing them with the grinds before brewing or mixing them into your brewed coffee.

Benefits of Adding Cinnamon

A touch of cinnamon can go a long way. In fact, the smell of cinnamon alone may help improve your focus and attention by stimulating your olfactory system (the same way coffee does). That's not all, though. Cinnamon also:

  • Makes your coffee taste sweeter than it actually is. If you're trying to reduce your sugar intake, this is a really easy way to start. 
  • Helps manage blood sugar levels. 
  • Adds extra antioxidants and polyphenols to your diet.
  • May help reduce inflammation (1)

In fact, out of 26 common spices, cinnamon ranked among the highest for antioxidant activity (2).

Our Classic Roast and Instant Americano mushroom coffee come pre-blended with a touch of cinnamon for a warm, cozy aroma and added health benefits.

Benefits of Adding Nutmeg

Valued for its unique aroma, adding a touch of nutmeg also boasts a variety of potential health benefits including:

  • Pain relief (3)
  • Potential aphrodisiac (4)
  • Alleviate chronic inflammation (5)

Avid fitness enthusiast? Dealing with inflammation-related ailments? Add a touch of nutmeg to your daily coffee and see if you notice any improvements.

Benefits of Adding Ginger

For those of you prone to nausea or other GI issues, adding ginger to your coffee may provide you with the relief you need. Here are some of the benefits of adding a touch of ginger to your coffee or cream:

  • Ginger provides an added dose of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients.
  • Ginger is an effective natural remedy for nausea. 
  • Alleviate chronic indigestion and improve gut health.

In addition to potentially relieving gut inflammation, ginger may speed up emptying of the stomach, which may help relieve indigestion (6)

Benefits of Adding Cocoa

In the Northeast, we recognize cocoa as the warm, sugary concoction we'd drink to celebrate snow days. Most people don't know that cocoa actually contains little to no sugar by itself, but does contain potent polyphenols and antioxidants with health benefits including:

  • Reducing inflammation (7)
  • Improved cholesterol
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Improved blood flow
  • Increased serotonin, leading to alleviation of depression and anxiety (8)

Not all cocoa is made the same, though. Instead of using cocoa that's been mixed with additives and sugar (usually an attempt to make it less bitter and sweeter), we use minimally-processed organic cocoa. 


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